Asia-Pacific Regional Mediation Organization (ARMO) Initiative

The Asia-Pacific Regional Mediation Organization (ARMO) Initiative was created in 2017 by a group of leading Asia-Pacific scholars and practicing lawyers. The goal of ARMO is the creation of a regional intergovernmental organization for the amicable resolution, through mediation, of disputes between states of the Asia-Pacific region. The objective is the creation of an organization truly of and for the Asia-Pacific Region, one that is capable of resolving any and all disputes arising between states, and not being limited to one treaty subject-matter but covering the full range of international issues.

This website exists to introduce readers to the rationale for the creation of ARMO, the draft Agreement for its creation, and the proposed Rules of Procedure for the ARMO. The site will also hold an archive of academic and other papers that discuss the ARMO proposal.

We appreciate your interest in the concept of a permanent mediation mechanism for resolving disputes between the states and economies of the region. We sincerely hope for broad regional support for the idea of friendly and win-win resolution of regional differences to enhance mutual peace and prosperity. If you would like to receive regular updates about ARMO’s progress, we invite you to join our mailing list.